Editorial Services & Rates

Choose from the bundles and services below to find the right fit for your current project. If you need to ask any questions or you want to request a service, contact editorial@looseleafep.com. Please compare Looseleaf rates to the Editorial Freelancers Association’s standard rates.

Bundling Discount

Bundle services together for a 10% discount off your invoices. Any time you contract two or more services at the same time, this discount will be applied. Below are some common service bundles.

  • Pre-submission bundle: Manuscript evaluation and submission package consultation.
  • Pre-publication bundle: Substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading.*
  • Work-in-progress bundle: Manuscript evaluation and developmental editing.

Manuscript Evaluation: $200 for up to 100K words

A manuscript evaluation is a review of your completed manuscript. You’ll receive a detailed letter explaining strong and weak points in plot, character, tone, argument, etc. Recurring grammatical issues will be pointed out, but not corrected. (Evaluations are also available for longer manuscripts.)

Prepay for an Evaluation Now

Copyediting: $25/hour

A copyedit is recommended for manuscripts that haven’t previously been edited professionally. Everything is edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, consistency, and adherence to your chosen citation format.

Substantive Editing: $40/hour

A substantive edit covers everything included in a copyedit and also includes editing for organization and logical flow. A substantive edit usually involves multiple revisions and more editor–author interaction.

Developmental Editing: $45/hour

A developmental edit involves multiple editorial passes and a lot of editor–author interaction to hone and develop your plot or argument, tone, characterization, etc.

Proofreading: $25/hour

A proofread is designed for final-version text. It is the final read-through that catches last-minute errors and items that you, the author, would change yourself if you had your attention drawn to them. This is only for pieces that are on the verge of printing or electronic distribution.

Submission Package Consultation: $25/hour

Receive all the help you need to polish your elevator pitch, query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters. You’ll get multiple passes and a lot of editor–author interaction.

*When you bundle multiple editorial passes together, your final proofread will be performed by a trusted subcontractor to ensure you have fresh eyes on your final product.