Production Services & Rates

Typesetting: $25/hour

Typesetting ensures your text has no bad word breaks, word stacks, loose or tight lines, widowed lines, or orphaned words—all of which can weaken the reading experience.

Ebook Formatting & Design: $35/hour

Ebook formatting includes transitioning an existing InDesign file into a fully functional, error-free EPUB file (the format accepted by the majority of ebook distributors) or designing a new EPUB from the ground up. EPUB files can easily be converted into Amazon’s proprietary format.

Cover Design: $35/hour (project rates available)

Cover design involves taking existing artwork or images and designing the typography, cropping, and layout to best reflect your book and attract readers who will love it. Project rates vary depending on number of drafts and revisions.

Cover Illustration: $500

Full-color customized illustration at high resolution (for print and electronic versions). Optimized for both full-scale and thumbnail views.