Writing Samples

Recipe from Familius Christmas Anthology: Just for Kids

This recipe comes from the second anthology I compiled and composed with Rick Walton for Familius, a publisher that focuses on fiction and nonfiction for families. I wrote all recipes and activities included in the book. (I also took the photo on the spread provided, but the photocopy isn’t flattering.)

“Pack Rat Perks: Why Keeping All Your Ideas Comes in Handy”

This blog post was written for Looseleaf Editorial & Production, LLC, to build rapport and brand awareness with potential clients.

“Deciphering Swedish Stones”

This blog post was written for Billiongraves, a family history app for photographing, geo-tagging, and transcribing headstones. The audience was the previously existing, largely elderly user base the app had at the time.

“Mulled with Sky-souls”

This short story was published in Leading Edge, a semi-pro science fiction and fantasy magazine. (Story submitted and published under a pseudonym.)